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The Black Plague swept through Europe in the 1600’s, however the small town of Oberammergau was spared. Was it due to their location in the Alp mountains, or was it due to their vow to God to execute the Passion of Christ every single 10 years if they were spared? Residents of Oberammergau think it was God, and each generation because then, has kept the guarantee to execute the Passion Play.

I was on a bus tour of Europe two summers ago and we stopped in Bratislava for lunch. Simply because it was only for lunch (truly, we got a couple of hours to walk about), I am hardly qualified to make an opinion but I will share mine anyway! We identified it a scary place to be an just did not get a great vibe! It felt quite communist, everyone was staring at us coldly and when we came home, I turned all of our Bratislava images into black and white because I felt they would capture the mood/vibe greater that way.

Verify travel package deals. If the objective of your travel is vacation, instead of booking flights, hotel, and vehicle rental separately, verify on travel package prices. Often your total package rate is reduce that if you book everything separately.

The second issue to keep in thoughts when exchanging money is the timing of the exchanges. With memories of Soviet era financial, travel and other controls nevertheless in thoughts coupled with fears of political and/or economic uncertainty, a lot of Russians these days have a practice of exchanging excess rubles for dollars or euros on Friday and then converting the funds back to rubles on Monday.

It is also important to know the upkeep charges of the properties you are contemplating. The maintenance charges are a huge part of any timeshare ownership, and one particular of the main motives that existing owners determine to dump their properties. It is crucial to avoid properties that have quite high maintenance charges unless you can buy it at an unbeatable price.

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