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Hi po, my bestfriend is living in Denmark. She has a danish husband and they are preparing to invite me simply because I really want to go to my bestfriend and have a vacation in Denmark. They are going to invite me, they will shoulder all the expenditures like accomodation. I lately resigned on my job so I am now unemployed but I have a very good job offer to come back for this december (my planned go to to denmark is from aug to nov) given that the business will start operating on december but I ‘m afraid that my visa will be denied because I heard that it is hard to try to get visa once again after you denied ahead of.. what do you feel i need to give them to prove that I’m genuinely returning to phils on nov? thank you.

The Theyyam headdresses, created of bamboo, wood, peacock feathers, leaves and flowers, are the heaviest and most elaborate portion of the costume. In some circumstances, the headdresses rise to 50 feet, requiring a lot of instruction and balance from the performers.

Quite great details. It surprises me how several vacationers enter nations such as Thailand without bothering to do some homework on the customs of the country they will be getting into. Constantly usually know exactly where you are going and research the customs. It will save oneself and other folks going there a lot of grief.

Schengen Visa will enable anyone like Filipinos to travel and visit 22 European countries and three non-European in just a single visa. If you want to visit Europe and some nations around it without having processing and attending lots of visa appointments, the Schengen is for you. We all know that as a Philippine passport-holder, we are required to acquire visa in traveling and visiting countries around the world except some ASEAN countries and couple of more. Nevertheless, countries like USA, UK, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more, demand us to process visa just before out travel. But with Schengen, in 1 visa, you can check out the following countries and places as long as the visa is valid. Imagine how significantly income we could save and how a lot of appointments we will not want when we have this particular visa. So so much!

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