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Yesterday at EVS29 in Montreal, BMW announced an power storage method which makes use of BMW i3 battery packs. The program can use a utilised i3 pack, or it will be capable to be bought with a brand new battery pack. Probably the best aspect of the plan is the fact that if you own an i3, you can have your old battery pack constructed into the method when you upgrade your vehicle with a new pack.

The world wide web at my hotel was heavily password protected, but as soon as on-line appeared to be unrestricted. I could not attain a few web sites, but likely because of the (poor) good quality of the connection and not overt censorship (to be experienced by international visitors).

present a sequence of photographs that alternately show buildings that seasoned rent manage and buildings that knowledgeable bombing, and ask their readers to guess which is which. I had thought that they have been exaggerating, but soon after visiting Cuba I see their point.

Cows are nevertheless government owned. They cannot be killed for beef all beef is imported. eight It is also illegal to sell beef in some circumstances. I think that Cubans can personal chickens and other birds. Urban dwellers may possibly even be encouraged to personal chickens. I do not know who owns the horses.

My God, has it really been virtually two years given that we final visited with Fifties Guy? My schedule does not permit me to check out San Francisco as typically as I used to, and that signifies fewer possibilities to stop by the street-parked collection of the man I like to call Fifties Guy. Keen readers will keep in mind his steel menagerie of chrome boats. Every so frequently he buys one, sells yet another, but constantly has adequate old automobiles to keep busy with their upkeep. Here’s a 1959 Chevy Impala flattop.

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